Career Path Steps and Activities

New Quest

Trades Ambassador Experience

  • Coaching By Trades-Hub

  • Community Support

  • 7 Steps

Complete each level of the Trades Ambassador Experience and explore careers and companies in your area using Align!

  • Explore Trades & Manufacturing careers.
  • Construction & Systems
  • Machines & Manufacturing
  • Vehicles & Engines

  • Learn about local companies and training opportunities.
  • Discover what Trades & Manufacturing employers are looking for
  • Explore career training options
  • Watch day-in-the-life videos showcase Minnesota Trades & Manufacturing career options

  • Plan for your future.
  • Plan your financial future
  • Learn about workplace benefits
  • Get a scholarship.
  • Start a career training program or full-time job featured on the Trades Hub.

Ask your teacher for an ACCESS CODE to enroll in the Trades Ambassador Experience.

If are a teacher working with a group of students OR a student working independently use this link to request access codes.

New Quest

Trades Hub Resume Helper

  • Coaching By Trades-Hub

  • Community Support

  • 2 Steps

When you need more than a "selfie" to show the world who you are!

Easy step-by-step instructions to create a personal resume that can be used to apply for jobs on the Trades Hub (

The 1-page resume you create will include details to let your future employer know you are the best candidate for the job. Your custom resume will include:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Job you are interested in
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Athletics, clubs, volunteer experience
  • Skills

ACCESS CODE = 6k2xvj